UK Gifting

In honour of the strong cultural, artistic and scientific connections between New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Te Papa Foundation have established a UK presence.

We aim to create a community of kiwi ex-pats and others with a strong affiliation to Aotearoa who would benefit from unique opportunities to meet, network and engage with the work of the Museum. One of our supporters considers Te Papa Foundation UK “the bridge” that connects her with home.

You can be involved in various ways by attending our exclusive special events, sign up for the newsletter, volunteering, sponsorship, donations or joining our UK Foundation Circle.

To register your interest in connecting with Te Papa Foundation UK please contact Caroline Totterdill

Alternatively, you can make a gift to Te Papa from the UK in Sterling with Chapel and York with the link below.

Donate in GBP

 *Please note that if you are registered for Gift Aid, the UK Government will contribute an additional 25% to your donation. I.e. if you donate £1000, Te Papa Foundation will receive £1,250.