November 2021

Te Papa staff accolades

Pat Brownsey

A new genus of clubmosses has just been described as part of a global study by a team of international researchers. Clubmosses are not mosses but a group of land plants distantly related to ferns and flowering plants. Brownseya is named for former Te Papa botany curator Patrick Brownsey 'for his floristic and taxonomic study of pteridophytes [ferns] of New Zealand and neighboring regions'.

 Only one species occurs in New Zealand, Brownseya serpentina, which lives in swamps and peat bogs in the northern North Island. Owing to habitat clearance and the draining of wetlands it is a threatened species. This species is also found in Australia and New Caledonia.  

Congratulations Pat!


De-Kui Chen, Xin-Mao Zhou, Carl J. Rothfels,

Nina Taonga

Malo e leilei e te whānau, warmest congratulations to Nina Tonga who was named as one of Auckland University's 40 under 40 - influential alumni who are shining in their chosen field.

Ka rawe Nina!

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