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Te Papa Foundation's contribution support a child's future in our tech industry

Many thanks to the Withiel Fund for supporting Te Papa's digital learning programme. Part of their generous donation will go towards two new Mayku Formbox Vacuum moulders for Te Papa's Hīnātore learning lab. These moulders can be used to make 3D models and mould quickly in the classroom.

Our Learning team are rapt, "We love the fact that it uses recycled plastic to create the models, and that we can even make our own plastic sheets from leftover plastic bags. These are going to be great fun in the classroom and, thanks to the Withiel Fund, these are a step up from the current 3D printers in terms of both speed and impact on the environment."

Since 2019, Te Papa has spearheaded a digital learning programme for students from over 300 lower socio-economic schools and kura. Through the museum collections and, using digital technologies, students tell the stories that matter to them and their communities.

By the end of 2020, 18,000 children had engaged in Te Papa's digital learning programme, with over 185,000 learning hours delivered.

However, the Ministry of Education funding for this programme ended that year.

Te Papa Foundation is committed to supporting Te Papa digital learning to ensure that the programme continues to make a real difference to the hearts, minds and lives of children across the nation.  

At a time where digital learning platforms are more important than ever, we need your help to continue support of our most underprivileged tamariki throughout Aotearoa.

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