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September 2021

Re-opening of Te Papa

Te Papa re-opened to the public on Thursday 9th September, distancing was observed and masks were worn. The proceedings were led by Te Papa’s Rongowhakaata Pou Tikanga and representatives from Mana Whenua. Te Papa is so grateful to have their ongoing guidance and support. It is always moving to see the flags being raised again and brings to the forefront of our minds the importance of Our Place to New Zealanders. This was emphasised by the presence of reporters, filming for a segment about the re-opening on TV3.


It is a different visitor experience during Delta level 2, with mask wearing mandatory throughout the museum but the Visitor Hosts are working hard to ensure everyone continues to feel welcome.

This is not an easy time for anyone, businesses and individuals alike and the loss of revenue from areas such as venue hire has been hard on Te Papa. We hope that the support of the Foundation can mitigate the impact, even marginally, but the continued support from you has never been more necessary and appreciated.

We have just agreed to support the Rita Angus exhibition at Te Papa this summer. I am proud we can help bring New Zealander’s together to share in the work of a national icon, it is projects such as this which can be the first to be overlooked in times of crisis, but which are so vital in bringing joy to people. More details on this summer’s upcoming exhibitions can be found below, I hope you’ll be able to enjoy them with us and remember, with your help we can do more.

Ko te mana taonga, ko te mana tangata, ko te mana tiaki i ngā kura tongarewa, waiho i te āhuru mōwai, waiho i te toka tū moana. 

Our stewardship and connection to our prized treasures, to our people, it is our safe haven, it is our foundation in uncertain times.

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